Week 8: Yule Survive

It’s the holiday season. It’s crazy, fun, fast paced, stressful, amazing, exciting, ridiculous—and all the other adjectives.

Guess what? Yule survive. 

Now that we’ve gotten that pun out of our system, check out the blogs for this week’s challenge that will in fact, help you get through the week. 

MOVE – Coach Alison  brings you an “Evergreen” workout because ’tis the season. You will also adore dance pro Ben Allen’s Holiday Carol Karaoke Workout.

We’ll also post workout recommendations from our streaming on demand library of over 450 fitness routines.

EAT – Our Quick and Effective playlist gives you ideas on how to burn off excess holiday calories.

THINK – Coach Kate gives you some great advice on getting relaxed.

WIN! – You still have time to enter to win a FREE YEAR of AcaciaTV!