Week 7: 7 Ways to Health in 7 Days

Good things come in small packages as they say. Fortunately this holds true for health habits. Little changes can make a big difference.

This week’s challenge theme is “7 Ways in 7 Days…” (It is the 7th week of the challenge after all.) All our blog posts share tweaks to your way of doing things that are fairly painless yet should make a difference in helping you maintain your weight. 

Have a look:

MOVE – Coach Alison designed a short and effective workout that gives you all the workout in half the time. And dance Pro Ben Allen‘s Holiday Inspired Dance Moves is a fun and challenging way to keep moving all season long.

EAT – Whether its a family buffet or office party appetizers, we give you the skinny on how to eat well without feeling cheated

We’ll also post workout recommendations from our streaming on demand library of over 450 fitness routines.

THINK  Coach Kate lays some mindful management on you.