Week 5: Burn Off the Bird

Thanksgiving has a reputation for being the most fattening day of the year. This rep is well deserved: the  average American scarfs down more than 3,000 on that single day. 

Don’t hate yourself for one day of overindulgence. Gooble, gooble and enjoy! But do try to keep it under control. This week’s challenge blog posts help you stay reasonable without sucking out all the fun of this wonderful holiday. 

Here are the 5 things you need to do this week to help you “Burn Off the Bird.”

DANCE — Go cold turkey on calories with dance pro Ben Allen.

We’ll also post workout recommendations from our streaming on demand library of over 450 fitness routines.

EAT — Here are your five best tips for burning off the bird.

THINK — Have you picked your Thanksgiving Outfit yet? Plus Size Princess CeCe Olisa explains why every body deserves to feel great in their own skin.

LIVE —We’ve got a Yoga detox, a week’s worth of workout suggestions and more…

WORKOUT — Try a full week of workouts that’ll help minimize any mounting stress about what’s to come this week.