6 Reasons To Love Bodyweight Workouts

When it comes to workouts, I’ve got some fairly high standards. Like most people, I require that my workouts provide results, but since results aren’t immediate, there are a few requirements a workout needs to satisfy in order to make the cut.

One type of workout that’s able to check off all the boxes for me is bodyweight workouts. They have so much to offer, what’s not to love?

Bodyweight Workouts, how I love thee. Let me count the ways…

  1. They’re so simple. Nothing beats a workout that requires no equipment, has no complicated choreography, requires very little coordination, and (when done indoors) doesn’t even require shoes. With so many fitness options out there, sometimes simpler is better. If you’re looking for an excuse-eliminating workout—one with very few steps standing in our way to getting it done—bodyweight training is perfect for you. Just pick a few moves and get to work.
  2. You can do them anywhere. You can do them in the kitchen, in the driveway, or even with your buddies while on your neighborhood run. With no equipment requirements and very little space needed, you can even take them on your trips so you don’t have to miss a workout no matter how far you may roam.
  3. They’re awesome when you’re time crunched. Only have only a few minutes? No problem! You’re the boss with bodyweight workouts and you can even easily cram cardio, strength, and core work into one no-brainer workout. No equipment set-up and no space-clearing required because bodyweight workouts require next to nothing in terms of logistics.
  4. They’re super cost-effective. Think about it: no equipment = free workout!
  5. They’re huge space-savers. No equipment means you don’t have to store anything when you’re not working out. That’s right, you don’t need a closet full of stuff or a special workout room in your house to get fit fast.
  6. They’re easily customizable. Vary the moves, the reps, the tempo, the isometric holds, the intervals, the rest periods and the possibilities are truly endless. All of this makes them fabulous for both absolute beginners and more advanced folks. You can focus on just cardio…or just upper body…or just core…you decide!

The combinations are infinite so it’s really hard to get bored.

With powerhouse moves like pushups, squats, lunges, burpees, mountain climbers, sumo squat pulses, lateral shuffles, planks, bicycles crunches, jumping jacks, high knees, butt kickers, bear crawls, crab crunches, jumps, sprints, hops, and countless others, how can you go wrong?

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