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Beat Jet Lag With the Rhythm Method

The ebb and flow of your body’s cycles – from hormone fluctuations to sleeping patterns — is controlled by complex network of body clocks known as circadian rhythms. When you zoom through different time zones these faithful time keepers often get thrown off course. That is the reason I started writing this post on jet lag […]

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Why You Should Unplug to Unwind

My husband and I both work for ourselves, so the majority of the vacations we’ve taken together have started off by searching for hotels or rental houses with Wi-Fi. On the trip we took to Mexico three months after our first baby was born, my husband worked several hours a day in the hotel room […]

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11 Reasons to Avoid A Vacation Slack Attack

Ahh, vacation! It’s all about getting away from the daily grind and doing exactly what you what you want to do. Right? Well, not if you’re a person who pays attention to your health. Because if you are, slacking off on good-for-you habits while on vacay probably isn’t going to feel all that great. I […]

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