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2 Insomniacs. 3 Cures. What Worked Best…

Here at Acacia TV, we believe in a balance between getting your heart pumping and your mind relaxed. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, sleep is still elusive. Insomnia strikes. [Cue the ominous music…] Even someone who seemingly does everything right—working out and doing yoga every day—can still have trouble getting the zzzzzs she needs. Take my […]

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Pressure Yourself Into Sweet Dreams

You workout, you do yoga, you even meditate – so why can’t you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow? Just as you’ve got to be up for a while (and perhaps consume some caffeine) before you’re ready to face the day, you need a reverse process at night — one that helps […]

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One Simple Exercise Cultivates the Will to Chill

You might have trouble drifting off to sleep. Or you fall asleep just fine but then wake up at an odd time. Either way, if you lie awake while the rest of the world slumbers, it’s a recipe for angst. While there are many physiological explanations for insomnia — stress, menopause, an interrupted circadian rhythm, […]

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