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Naughty & Nice: Healthy Holiday Food Swaps

Swap Out Swap In Calorie Savings Complimentary AcaciaTV Workout ½ cup mixed roasted nuts (400 calories) ½ cup Roasted Chestnuts (100 calories) 300 Body Weight Strength-Training for Beginners (29 minutes)   2 frosted sugar cookies (320 calories) 2 plain sugar cookies (100 calories) 220 Cardio Core-Blast (20 minutes)   6 coconut shrimp (435 calories) 6 […]

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7 Tips for Surviving ‘All You Can Eat’ Holiday Buffets

Not everyone views the idea of “All you can eat” as an invitation to well… eat all you can. According the Brian Wansink, Ph.D., director of the food and brand lab at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., some people actually manage to restrain themselves when faced with a myriad of food choices and unrestricted portion […]

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5 Simple Steps to Everyday Mindful Eating

This photo is of my kids, on the day my son had his very first ice cream cone. Talk about total focus on the act of eating! I’m passionate about helping the busy people who use AcaciaTV realize that they can transform things they do every day into an opportunity to slow down, calm down […]

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