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4 Marvelous Multitasking Sculpt Moves

Time crunched should not mean no time for exercise. Not if you make every move count. Here, AcaciaTV‘s Gerren Liles shows you four marvelous multitasking sculpt moves that add up to one quick and efficient workout. Each compact move works many muscle groups all at once as well as other elements of fitness like flexibility, balance and coordination. Time […]

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Power With Gerren Liles

This workout is summed up by its title: Power. You’ll feel the depth, quality and substance of each exercise as you push through the intensity for stronger, sleeker muscles. The workout is laid out in a series of “super-sets”; that is two or more exercises combined back-to-back with no rest in between. That’s the secret to pumping […]

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4 Must-Do Plank Moves for a Sculpted Core

The Plank is your one must-do core strength move. But once you master the basic technique it’s time to move on to other more challenging variations. AcaciaTV trainer Gerren Liles shows you four advanced plank exercises that go deep into those all-important middle muscles to create the core you’ve been working towards. Start with one […]

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