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Cap Off Your Workout With a Great Shoulder Routine

Want your waist to look teeny tiny without losing an inch? Sculpt your shoulders. When you carve out the “delts” you broaden your body by creating an enviable V shape. This beautiful balance makes you appear whittled down from the middle down. 4 Things You Can Learn From Arm Balances 4 Moves for a Strong, […]

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Strength Training With Deazie Gibson

Here’s a well-rounded strength training session that’s short and sweet. AcaciaTV trainer Deazie Gibson coaches you through each move to start then cuts the rest periods in between sets, a progression that helps you learn the exercises correctly yet maintain a high level of intensity. What I especially like about this routine is the fact […]

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Strength Challenge With Deazie Gibson

Grab your weights and head to the beach! Gibson leads you through two rounds of 6 “super sets” designed to supercharge your metabolism as you build lean sexy muscles. You will love this straight forward yet powerful routine. It will push you hard yet it’s easy to learn, thanks to Gibson’s excellent cueing and clear explanations. Plus […]

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