Vision Board for the DIY-Challenged and the Skeptical

It’s been four weeks since we started the New Year; how are your resolutions coming along? Are you staying strong and working hard on your resolutions? Have you possibly been slacking a bit?

Or maybe you’re in the camp of people who never really got around to deciding what it is you actually want to do differently in 2016.

Whether you’re in full swing, have already started slipping off the wagon, or never really got out of the gate on your goals, this week’s post is all about my favorite way to find—and remind yourself of—your motivation: making a vision board!

  • They help you see—really see—what it is you want in a way that making a list or just thinking about it can’t.
  • They give you a great visual reminder of your goals that you can use to redirect your thoughts when you’re unmotivated.
  • They give your conscious mind a chance to understand what’s going on in your subconscious—and this is key, because if you want to create lasting change, you need all parts of your mind working together.

Here’s a video where I show you how to make a vision board:

Note: I made mine without using even a glue stick! Just a pair of scissors, a bulletin board that I already had, and some thumbtacks.

Do you have a vision board? Or has this video inspired you to make one? I showed you mine—now show me yours!! Post a picture of it to Instagram and tag me @msmindbody and @acaciafitness—I’d love to see it and root you on!

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