Try This Attitude of Gratitude Mindful Meditation

You may have heard that your body is a temple. Which I get, but I also think it’s a point of view that leads to you feeling bad about anything you eat or drink that isn’t exquisitely healthy.

And let’s be honest, we all have too many opportunities to feel bad about ourselves. Particularly around the holidays.

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In this week of the Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge, with Thanksgiving just a few days away, I encourage you to think about your body as your home.

Without it, well, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. You wouldn’t be able to hug your loved ones, or go the places you want to go –or anything. Because you wouldn’t be alive.

This week, give yourself the experience of feeling grateful for your body. No hating the parts that don’t look like what you think they “should” look like. No wishing it were different. Just acceptance. And thankfulness.

To help you with this, I recorded a five-minute body blessing audio. Put on some cozy clothes, take a comfortable seat on the floor and prepare to show your bod some serious love.

Because your body deserves to receive some of the gratitude that your sending out in to the world at this time of year.

Simplest Sun Salute

[Arms sweep up] Thank you for helping me reach for things,

[Swan dive] for giving me a place to land,

[Flat back] a strong foundation

[Fold forward] and a place to retreat into.

[Stand back up]  Thank you for helping me grow

[Mountain pose] and for providing stability.

 Repeat this sequence for three minutes

Crescent Moon/Vinyasa

After a few rounds of the Simplest Sun Salute, you can either add this sequence on after the forward bend, or do it a few times on its own.

As you lift your arms up in to the crescent moon, lunge, imagine receiving blessings from the universe.

As you step back into down dog or forward into a standing forward bend, imagine letting stresses roll off your back.

Repeat for three minutes.

Guided Relaxation2

Finish by coming to the floor and resting in corpse pose. Click on the video to hear me talk you through a four-minute guided relaxation that focuses on gratitude for the whole body.



That’s it! Enjoy, and let me know how this feels, or if you have any questions, at the Acacia Facebook page.