The Secret to Loving Winter: Make a Manifesto

Looking for a way to beat the winter blues? Who isn’t right about now?

If you’re feeling cranky about the cold, it makes sense: when the icy wind blows, the skies are dark before you get out of work, viruses strike, and blizzards throw a kink in your plans, it’s tempting to hate winter. But it is possible to enjoy the season.

My favorite way to up excitement, satisfaction, and gratification during this chilly time of year—and I’m in Providence, RI, so it definitely gets chilly here—is to make a winter manifesto. Which is just a fancy way of saying “a list of cool things I want to do before the flowers start blooming.”

Making a winter manifesto is a great way to remind yourself of all the things you actually appreciate about winter. It’s also a powerful tool for being more mindful of how you spend your time. When you’re wondering what to do on a frigid weekend, you could go down a wormhole of House Hunters International re-runs, or you could refer to your manifesto and remind yourself of something you’d actually enjoy and then go do it.

You could create your winter manifesto as a Word document, in a notebook or a journal, or you could go download a pretty printable one here (this is where I got my template). Make it as pretty or as simple as you like, and hang it somewhere you can see it.

Here’s what’s on mine:


  1. Buy a big Thermos, fill it with hot cocoa and head out for long winter walks
  2. Book our summer vacation
  3. Go outside every day, just for the sake of getting fresh air (and not just because I’m walking to the car)
  4. Create a snowy scavenger hunt for the kids
  5. Light candles for dinner


  1. A list of what we want to grow in the garden
  2. My daughter’s baby book (she’s 8) (it’s time)
  3. Pine cone bird feeders
  4. A spot for snowy boots by the side door
  5. Quarterly goals for 2016


  1. Home-popped popcorn
  2. Beef stew
  3. Roasted cauliflower
  4. Chai
  5. Green tea lattes
  6. A new, yet-to-be-discovered soup recipe


  1. Snow tubing
  2. Skiing
  3. Ice skating
  4. Looking for animal tracks in the woods near our house
  5. To the movies
  6. Away for the night with my husband for our anniversary and his birthday

What’s on your list? Will you take a beach vacation? Knit a scarf? Make a snowman? I’d love to hear. Either come tell us about it on the Acacia Facebook page, Instagram a photo of it and tag @acaciafitness, or start a conversation with me on Twitter—I’m  @KateHan.

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Last but not least, there are other great tips on how to enjoy winter in this blog post. Enjoy!