Spring Clean your Mindset

The buds are blooming, the birds are chirping and the warm air is beckoning you to roll the windows down and get some fresh air. The desire to spring clean—your closet, your yard, your car—may be coming on like a fever. I’m feeling it too.

While de-cluttering your physical environment is a great energy booster, it’s not the most powerful use of your time and attention.

The most important thing you can do to make spring a real time of renewal and growth for yourself is to take a feather duster to your thoughts. (Or maybe a vacuum, depending on how stuck-on some of those old ways of thinking are—you’ll have to decide that for yourself!)

Below I’ve listed some of the most common excuses for not doing the things you say you want to do—whether that’s exercise more, eat better, or even something like change up your career so that you make more money—and a way to re-frame that excuse so that you don’t let it stop you.

See which ones you catch yourself saying or thinking, so you can start de-cluttering your thoughts and get rid of the ones that are holding you back.

                    “I don’t have time.”

                    What you’re really saying: “That’s not a priority for me.”

                    What to say instead: “I’ve got enough time to do something—what’s that going to be today?”


                    “I don’t have the money.”

                    What you’re really saying: “I don’t believe this is available to me.”

                    What to say instead: “Money is everywhere. How can I bring enough of it in to do what I want?”


                    “It’s too hard.”

                    What you’re really saying: “I’m not sure I’m up to the task.”

                    What to say instead: “I know there’s a way to get this done. What can I do to keep moving forward?”


                    “It will take too long.”

                    What you’re really saying: “If I’m going to do this, I’ve got to do it quick before I lose my chance.”

                    What to say instead: “Good things take time. I have the fortitude to let this take as long as it takes.”


                    “What’s the point?”

                    What you’re really saying: “I don’t really believe this is possible for me.”

                    What to say instead: “Hey, it might be crazy, but crazy things happen all the time. Why not for me?”

No matter what your excuse is, keep in mind that it’s all just a trick of your ego mind—that part of your brain that’s obsessed with keeping you safe. While the ego’s intentions are good, it’s advice is never helpful. Remember this mantra: The ego is not your amigo! No matter what excuse you give yourself the next time, remind yourself that it’s just your ego talking, and that you don’t have to listen. Sometimes just being aware that your inner critic is trying to sabotage you is all you need to entertain a new, more empowering thought.

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