Nighttime Jammy Yoga

Sleep like a baby panda with this nighttime jammy yoga routine!

I know how tempting it is to want to wring as much out of each evening as you can—it’s truly your own time, away from work, away from kids (if they’re young enough to go to sleep before you do). You can certainly find me up past the time when I’m tired, sometimes working, sometimes goofing off on Facebook, sometimes watching Amazon Prime (and sometimes all three).

And then at some point you look at the clock, calculate how many hours of sleep you aren’t going to be getting, and feel like you have to get in bed as soon as possible to maximize your hours of rest.

But if you go straight from doing mentally stimulating activities to lying in bed with the lights out, odds are you’re going to have a harder time drifting off to sleep. Just like toddlers, grown-ups need some sort of bedtime routine to get us ready to conk out—and I’m not just talking about brushing your teeth.

This is the routine I do before going to sleep. I do it in my jammies, so that when I’m done I can just pour myself into bed. It wrings tension out of your back, releases the neck and shoulders, and turns down the volume of your thoughts. You could do just one of these moves, or string them together into a five-minute sequence. No matter how much or how little time you give it, you are going to be making it easier for yourself to slip off into sleep. And that’s a beautiful thing!

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