The Most Important 14 Minutes of Your Week

What if I told you, you could seriously up your productivity and your happiness in only 14 minutes a week? You’d want that, right?

Well, you can.

When you take two minutes out of each day (7 X 2 = 14) to do the ritual I’m about to share with you, you can really make a huge difference in how accomplished and good you feel.

I call it a morning ritual, but if there’s a time of day that works better for you and makes you more likely to actually do this regularly, go for it. (Maybe at night, thinking about the day ahead?)

Here’s what to do:

Two-Minute Morning Ritual

 Clear some space

Wipe the crumbs off the table, tidy the papers on your desk into piles, light a candle, fluff the couch cushions—this isn’t about making something “Instagram ready,” it’s about infusing your space with a little energy. What you actually do to clear your spot can look different on different days, but all told, it should only take a half-minute.

Clear your mind

Once you’ve spruced up your spot, settle in. Take a seat with your spine tall and chest open. Close your eyes and take three breaths, paying good attention to how it feels in your body as you do.

This step is all about quieting down your noisy, stress-inducing thoughts and letting yourself relax a little—because those are the exact conditions you need to be able to hear what you really think.

Ask yourself these two questions

Now for the big guns. Ask yourself,

  1. What’s important to work on today?


       2. What feels good to work on today?

Whatever your answers are, write them down. I love pen and paper, you may prefer the Notes function on your phone. All that matters is that you actually capture them in some readable format so you can refer back to them later, when you’ve forgotten what they are or need a reminder to do them.


Sometimes the answers will be the same—it can feel great to finally work on that important thing that you’ve been putting off! And sometimes they will be totally different. Either way is great, because there are no right answers. Which also means, there are no wrong answers. Even if they seem to conflict.

For example, say you decide that it’s important to exercise, but that it would feel good to rest. Do both—walk to a restorative yoga class, or hike to a spot where you can plunk yourself down under a tree and read a book for a while. Look for the ways to do both, and you’ll start to see the opportunities. But if you never give yourself the chance to see what’s really calling to you, you’ll dismiss what you want as being unrealistic.

There are no parts of your life that are off limits here— it doesn’t have to be all about work, or exercise, or doing things that you’re “supposed” to do. This is about asking what, of all the hundreds (thousands?) of things you could be doing today, you actually care about and want to do. And that’s pretty powerful information to have.

If you don’t pay attention to the things you care about and the things that make you feel good, life just feels like a slog. And we are all only here for one tiny blip of history—you don’t want to spend that whole blip reacting to whatever’s screaming the loudest, do you?

One note: It does not matter—at all—if you actually complete your answers to these questions on any given day. All that matters is that you spend time thinking about it and doing even one tiny little piece of it, because doing so is what helps bring those things to life. They will get done some day. And if they don’t, it won’t be because you forgot to think about them, or never did anything about them. So long as you continue your two-minute ritual, any project you abandon will happen because something that was more important or felt better came alone. And that’s a beautiful thing.

What are your answers for today (or tomorrow, if you’re reading this late at night)?

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