A Love Letter to My Monkey Mind

Dear non-stop stream of usually unkind thoughts that the mindfulness world affectionately calls “monkey mind,”

You really are something, you know that? One minute you’re serving up sweet memories of morning snuggles with the kids and the next you’re pelting me with the list of everything I forgot to do yesterday. How do you seemingly never forget anything task-oriented, when I can’t remember why I came in to the kitchen?

Without you, I never would have clicked on the video of the baby panda sneezing, or scrolled through the slideshow of celebrities no one knows are really gay, or found out that my ex-boyfriend ended up marrying the woman he dumped me for (OK, I didn’t really want to know that, but it ultimately helped with the whole closure thing).

If it weren’t for your incessantly reminding me that the house is a mess, I would never organize the junk drawer, or purge my closet, or wipe out the vegetable drawers in the refrigerator. I would be too focused on the things I was supposed to be doing, like writing this blog post.

I really admire your tenacity—I sang “Can’t Touch This” for weeks after I heard it wafting out of a car window.

Also, I love how you can get so annoying and repetitive and tiresome—there, I said it!—that you force  me to actually do the things that make me feel better, whether that’s practicing yoga or sitting in meditation, or going for a walk. If it weren’t for you, I might never actually make time for that stuff. And those things are what help me think clearly, and hear what’s really true for me. So thank you for driving me so crazy that I am forced to do the things that help you quiet down.

And one more thing—the fact that you exist means that I’m still alive. It means I’m human. And for that, I love you. I know you’ll never leave me. And I appreciate that kind of loyalty.




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