3 Ways to Entice Yourself to the Gym

I used to hate my high school biology class with a passion. I thought the class was boring and I never wanted to attend.

That all changed when the cutest guy transferred into my class: suddenly biology became a place I wanted to be.

Did anything about my biology class change when a cute boy joined us? No! But the way I viewed that hour completely shifted.

Suddenly, an hour of boring bio-talk was worth it if in between I could smile and flirt with my high school crush. Before I knew it, I found myself…actually looking forward to the class that I used to loathe!

It was almost as if my crush was a carrot dangling in front of me that made me go to biology class without protest.

So, let’s do the same thing when it comes to the gym.

Can you think of three things you LOVE to do?

Now, how can you incorporate that into your gym routine?

Here are some ideas:

A Gym-Only Playlist or Album

The new Rihanna album is out and I really love her. But, I’m only allowing myself to listen to her new music during my workouts this month. So if I want to know all the words and dive into her latest project, I better be in the gym more than once a week so that I can hear the album often. I also can’t cheat and cut my workout short, because I want to listen to as much of the album as possible!

Monday Morning Podcast Time

I get bored on the treadmill easily, but in NYC winter I often have to do my cardio on this redundant machine. Luckily, I absolutely love podcasts so I save my long ones for treadmill days. An hour of interesting information and stories makes the time on the treadmill go by super-fast.

Netflix and Sweat

I’ve started movies or TV show seasons as “gym only” entertainment. If an episode ends on a cliff hanger, I’m itching to go back to the gym so that I can see what happens next (and do cardio too!).


There’s a really cute nail salon across the street from my gym. I like to treat myself to a mid-week mani, as a treat after the gym.

Tea Time

If you’re having a hard time fitting in workouts in the evening, prepare a treat for yourself at home so your reward is waiting for you. Mine is really yummy calming tea. It makes me feel like my hard work is well rewarded and it puts me in a relaxed mood for a restful evening.

In the end, I’m basically finding something to look forward to and attaching it to my workouts. It helps me to have a positive attitude on days that I just don’t feel like working out!

What would your workout treats be?

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