Yoga Flow for Beginners

Shiva Rea is a leading teacher of vinyasa flow yoga, which combines fluid movement and rhythmic breathing for a strong yet peaceful workout. Her Yoga Flow for Beginner’s video workout is a terrific AcaciaTV introduction to this dynamic form of yoga.

As you flow through the poses, Rea takes the time to progress into the most challenging variations by taking you through the building blocks of each move first, then adding on only when you’re ready. She helps you pay attention to everything, from the way you breathe to the way you place your hands and feet to the way your body should feel as you get into position. Her teaching style is kind and encouraging.

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Do this workout to become strong, supple, and relaxed. Although the practice is geared towards novice yogis, people with more yoga experience can benefit from stripping down their practice and concentrating on the fundamentals.

Surrounded by the splendid scenery of Kauai, Rea leads you through 4 introductory practices plus a short meditation at the end to cultivate inner peace. All you need is a mat.

Workout segments:

Foundation Flow. The basics of breathing and positioning in yoga for a safe, precise practice. 13 minutes.

Beginner’s Back Bend Flow. A practice of gentle flowing back bend poses to stretch and elongate the spine. Any tightness in the low back will melt away.  (This was my favorite. About the best back bend practice I’ve ever tried and that includes live classes.) 22 minutes.

Relaxing Flexibility Flow. Relaxing posed to stretch the hips, thighs and low back. 10 minutes.

Beginner’s Standing Poses. This workout eases you into foundational yoga poses such as downward dog, chatarunga and Warrior 1. Rea’s attention to detail make this a perfect entry point into yoga for newbies.  22 minutes.

Shavasana. A short peaceful meditation to end your yoga practice. 3 minutes.