Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt

By incorporating both cardio and strength-training into two unique, 20-minute fitness routines, you’ll work more efficiently, lose more body fat, and rev up your metabolism with this AcaciaTV workout. Your body will then work to burn calories around the clock, giving you the ultimate edge to reach your weight loss goals.

Violet Zaki is an amazing instructor, especially for the novice-to-enthusiast level exerciser. Her technique and cuing are superb. Her workouts are entertaining and effective. And that adorable Australian accent? It only adds to the fun. (Also — those abs!)

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With warm up and cool down, the entire program runs 51 minutes. But of course you can break it up into segments. Don’t skip the cool down which happens to be a particularly good stretch and mental break. You’ll need a mat and weights.


Pure Sculpt.This segment alternating strength and cardio for interval training. By incorporating the two aspects of fitness you boost calorie burning and melt fat to achieve your sculpt and weight loss goals. 20 minutes.

Interval Calorie Burn. In this routine Zaki has you work upper and lower body simultaneously. That means you’ll work hard and burn calories at a faster clip. There are also brief cardio blasts to further push the calorie count and get your heart pumping. 20 minutes.

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