Strength Challenge With Deazie Gibson

Grab your weights and head to the beach! Gibson leads you through two rounds of 6 “super sets” designed to supercharge your metabolism as you build lean sexy muscles.

You will love this straight forward yet powerful routine. It will push you hard yet it’s easy to learn, thanks to Gibson’s excellent cueing and clear explanations. Plus she’s so upbeat and encouraging you kinda want to complete the workout just to make her happy.

The whole shebang is a short and sweet 20 minutes, during which time you can expect to sizzle away 160 calories or more. All you need to make it happen is a couple of sets of dumbbells.

By the way, this routine is an exclusive. You won’t find it anywhere except AcaciaTV as part of our 100 plus hours of on demand workouts you can stream anywhere, any time from just about any device.

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