Step By Step Strength Training With Petra Kolber

If you’re new to weight training or have had a lay off, AcaciaTV‘s fitness trainer Petra Kolber is here to show you the ropes. With detailed instructions and informed technique tips, Kolber leads you through a series of strength training routines that will help you sculpt up and slim down.

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Love, love this program for the beginner-novice exerciser. Kolber is the best at taking you through strength training safely and effectively yet still keeping it fun. Her attention to detail is amazing. She even remembers to remind you to look down once you learn a move so that your neck doesn’t hurt from looking at the screen. As she would say, “So good!”

You’ll need a mat, weights and a sturdy chair.


Upper Body Sculpt. Tone up all the muscles above the waist, safely and effectively with this express weight training workout. You systematically strengthen all the muscles of the upper body. 10 minutes.

Lower Body Sculpt. Tighten, tone and sculpt the hips, glutes and thighs with this express lower body strength training routine. Kolber takes you all the moves step by step for a safe, fun, thorough workout. 10 minutes.

Total Body Sculpt. Remember your favorite body sculpt class at the gym? Kolber brings it right into your living room with this total body, fully integrated strength training routine. It’s a very straightforward workout but you won’t miss a muscle. 20 minutes.

Strength & Balance. If you’re looking to work the maximum number of muscles in minimal time you’ve come to the right place. This is a full body sculpt routine with added balance challenges that work deep into the muscles. 20 minutes.

Abs Awareness. Kolber leads this exacting core strength segment that also works on balance and posture. Besides flattening and toning your middle it creates an awareness of how you hold your body. 6 minutes.