Shiva Rea – Yoga Energy Flow Program 3

The short practices in this program emphasize flexibility, a quiet mind and a long, strong core. They build upon the first two Energy Flow videos to complete the compliment of energizing yet calming yoga routines.

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As always, Shiva Rea leads her practices thoughtfully. Her music choice and setting make you feel as if you are right there with her in an intimate yoga studio. Although she is an advanced practitioner, the routines in this section are the most accessible in the series to aspiring yogis.

The complete program is 48 minutes. You’ll need a mat.


Shanti Active Meditation. Shanti is the Indian word for inner peace or “the peace that passes all understanding.” Fittingly, this relaxing flow opens the body and puts your mind at peace. 20 minutes.

Core Flow. A short but very intense core routine using the principles of yoga to deeply tone, sculpt and flatten the middle muscles. 7 minutes.

Forward Bends. Melt your lower back and hamstrings with yoga forward bend asanas.  6 minutes.

Tranquility Meditation. Your stress will float away with this brief yet tranquil meditation. 2 minutes.