Shiva Rea Yoga Energy Flow – Program 2

Noted Yogi Shiva Rea leads three flowing and challenging yoga practices that balance energizing the body with calming the mind. Her creative instruction teaches you to listen to your body and explore your personal limits.

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This is the second bundle of workouts in the Energy Flow series and it’s about as challenging a yoga practice as you’ll ever try. AcaciaTV members rate this as one of their top picks. Start your free trial today and gain access to over 100 hours of fitness you can stream anytime, anywhere for one low price.

The program is 65 minutes long but if you can just do one segment at a time and still get a great workout. You’ll need a mat.


Lunar Meditation. This is a calm seated meditation to clear the mind and prepare for the relaxing, lunar practices of this program. 5 minutes.

Earth, Yoga Foundations. This practice is a grounding earth flow that incorporates many foundational movements of Yoga such as down dog and up dog. 20 minutes.

Heart And Air, Energizing Yoga. A very challenging heart opening sequence featuring back bend poses in an energizing flow. 20 minutes.

Core and Stretch. A gentle flowing practice to open the heart and chest centers and cultivate strength, balance, stability. 20 minutes.