Shiva Rea Yoga Energy Flow – Program 1

Shiva Rea stars in this first-in-a-series of energetic yoga practices featuring a full compliment of advanced moves. Follow her clear instructions and gorgeous demonstrations as she leads you through 3 flowing routines for stretch, strength, balance and stability plus a short meditation .

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This is the highest level yoga AcaciaTV offers and it’s as good and intense as anything you’d experience in a studio or gym class. For many of us, the workouts are aspirational. For example, you may not be able to do it at first, but you can work towards a shoulder stand with your legs held out straight to the side.

Do it all in an hour or break it up into segments. The only things needed here are a mat and patience with your body.


Solar Meditation. This is an active meditation you can use to prepare yourself before doing the energizing, solar practices of this program. 5 minutes.

Water, Flowing Yoga. An advanced vinyasa that that flows like waves of water from side to side to stimulate your creative energy and mobilize your joints. 20 minutes.

Fire and Water, Balancing Yoga. An energizing practice with arm balances, standing poses, and back bends. This is an incredibly challenging workout which is meant to balance strength with fluidity, action with relaxation. 20 minutes.

Yoga Fire, Upper Body Strength. A very advanced sequence that emphasizes yogic push ups and activating standing poses to create energy, stability and strength. 20 minutes.

Shiva’s got nearly 20 hours of workouts available on AcaciaTV. You can join for one low price — or start your 10 day FREE trial now.