Shiva Rea Fluid Yoga

Shiva Rea leads this transformative mind-body workout that has you flowing from pose to pose to loosen, lengthen and strengthen the muscles. With constant gentle-yet-strong movements this is truly flow yoga.

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Set under a waterfall in Kauai, five fluid practices leave you feeling energized, powerful, vibrant, and healthy. Try a heart-centered practice, a flowing back bend segment, or a healing meditation.

If you need a real yoga retreat you can do all 75 minutes in one session. If not, the practice breaks up into three independent segments plus a prep and meditation. You’ll need a mat.


Meditation. This short mind-body meditation uses movements that flow like the waterfall surrounding Rea, creating a sense of peacefulness and focus. It’s perfect to start a yoga practice — or to start your day. 7 minutes.

Back Bend Flow. This heart centered practice is filled with back bending poses to open up the body and mind. As you pour yourself from pose to pose, your pulse quickens, your mind clears, and your body unwinds. 25 minutes.

Spinal Stretch.  A series of of poses designed to lengthen and strengthen the spine. At the end of this practice the entire line of your spine will feel longer, stronger and freer. 16 minutes.

Standing Strength. This full body practice  is full of strong standing poses to tone the legs, core and arms, even as you let go and relax your mind. 22 minutes.

Resting Meditation. This short peaceful meditation ends the practice by instilling deep relaxation. 3 minutes.