Shiva Rea Daily Energy Solar Practice

In a “Solar” yoga practice the idea is that you can soak up energy and nutrients from the sun’s rays. Such a practice is meant to be electric, active, powerful and creative, the perfect way to rev up your body and mind.

True to form, yoga star Shiva Rea teaches this uplifting solar yoga program for energy, tone and length. While it is fast paced and challenging, it has something for nearly every level of exerciser. You can stay with the most fundamental variant of an asana or move to the next level as Rea demonstrates what you are working towards.

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Try the entire program to create your own hour long yoga retreat or a single solar segment to invigorate mind and body. The only equipment you’ll need is a mat.


Prayer Wheel. This intermediate sequence uses a series of progressive back bends to prepare the body for more advanced solar work. 20 minutes.

Evolution Flow. This intermediate rhythmic vinyasa takes you in a circle as you do deep back bends and hip openers. 20 minutes.

Evolution Heart Flow. The focus of this practice is on improving the posture and flexibility of the upper body. 20 minutes.

Evolution Standing Balance. Get ready to challenge your balance as you strengthen and lengthen every muscle in your body. The poses are quite advanced though you have options to work up to them. 20 minutes.

Shavasana Meditation. After this or any workout, take time to find inner peace in this deep relaxation pose. 9 minutes.