Shiva Rea, A.M. Energy

AcaciaTV’s A.M. Energy is the perfect morning yoga program to get your day started. Noted yogi Shiva Rea takes you through this series of invigorating practices full of powerful, flowing poses and thoughtful meditations to revive the body, mind, and soul.

You can do these programs alone or roll everyone else in the house out of bed to join in. In fact, there’s no need to confine these routines to the morning hours. They are a welcome break any time of the day.

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As you channel your energy you will cultivate the inner and outer qualities Rea says come from doing flow yoga: Core strength and stability, fluidity and flexibility of movement, and a sense of joy into the flow of whatever else you do.

While this is a very advanced program, Rea offers a variety of suggestions for maintaining your level and slowly working up to the most challenging poses.

The total program is 97 minutes long including the bonus heart salutation. You can easily break this up into segments for a daily workout. All you need is a mat.


Core Awakening. A rhythmic flowing practice to promote core strength and stability. 6 minutes.

Vira Flow. A vinyasa full of counterbalance poses to cultivate both strength and flexibility. The fluid power moves, all of which emphasize the core and lower body, leave you feeling strong, tall and confident. 23 minutes.

Creative Energy Flow. This routine is a fun series of rhythmic and free-form movements to generate energy and improve circulation. A great one for when you need to gather energy for the day. 20 minutes.

Strength and Balance. A challenging practice of advanced strength and balance poses that will energize your muscles. 23 minutes.

Relaxation. Shavasana for deep relaxation. Let the lovely chanting bring you peace at any time of day. 6 minutes.

Heart Salutation. A Heart Salutation flow to open up the chest and shoulders as well as stretch and strengthen the low back. Ends with a meditation on your intentions for the day. 20 minutes.