Martial Arts Fat Blast Workout

Get your heart pumping while toning your body with these three progressively challenging workouts based on the martial arts. Taught by the gold-medal-winning brother and sister team, Tiffany and Max Chen, you’ll incorporate many different martial arts styles for one of AcaciaTV’s toughest workouts.

Every movement is super intense, designed to wring every last drop of sweat from your pores to ensure the destruction of calories and fat. Kicks, punches and drills are complex but learning them fine tunes you speed, agility and coordination.

Workouts are done in rounds with a couple of seconds of rest in between like a boxing match. The Chen’s break down each exercise before you do it to ensure you’re good to go.

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You don’t need any equipment for this workout though you may want o have a mat handy if you find the floor to hard on your joints. The workout includes 3 routines plus two brief stretches and a warm up.


Fat Burning Interval Drills. This workout is set up like rounds of a boxing match: You do 3, 1-minute rounds of 2 exercises each with a brief rest in between for a total of 5 rounds. It’s sweaty, athletic and awesome. 23 minutes.

Cardio Interval Drills. The Chens lead you through this very intense interval training workout. It’s 3 tight rounds of 8 athletic exercises, 30-seconds each to get your heart rate up and your muscles quivering. 25 minutes.

Fat Burning Ladder Drills. The first round starts with 10 reps each of 8 exercises. With each successive round you drop 2 repetitions per exercise and pick up the pace for a total of 5 rounds. This is the toughest workout in the series. 25 minutes.