Lisa Whelchel’s Everyday Workout for the Everyday Woman

The Facts of Life star and mother of three shares her favorite workout moves – safe, sane, effective ways to be healthier, stronger, more energetic, and have a looser waistband no matter where you’re starting from. Because having fun can make all the difference, Lisa teams up with trainer and friend Janice Clark plus a couple of her neighbors to lead two easy-to-follow strength-based routines.

There’s nothing too fancy or complicated to get you into trouble here. It’s one of AcaciaTV’s best workouts for true beginners and a good place to start a regular exercise program.

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Whelchel is still bubbly and gorgeous. And she still looks exactly like Blair, the spoiled rich girl with the heart of gold, she played on Facts. But I’d be lying if I said I’m not disappointed she wasn’t joined by Jo, Tootie and Natalie for this workout. How awesome would that eighties flashback have been?

Alas. You take the good, you take the bad…

There are two workout segments plus a warm up and cool down in this package. You’ll need a mat plus weights.


Simple Strength 1. Get the “Facts of Strength Training” with this beginner’s intro to strengthening and toning. Between Lisa, her trainer and her friends they offer variations of each move for progressive fitness levels. 15 minutes.

Simple Strength 2. Build on the first Simple Strength workout by adding bigger moves and more resistance. Although it’s somewhat tougher than the first workout in this series, it’s still an appropriate level of intensity for someone just starting out. 20 minutes.

Bonus. If you’ve got an extra 18 minutes stick around after the workout. Lisa and Janice explain proper body mechanics you should use while you’re working out and even when you’re not.