Kristi Yamaguchi: Power Workout

Get fit with the Olympic gold medal figure skater and Dancing with the Stars champion. Developed with celebrity trainer Erin O’Brien, Yamaguchi’s fat-blasting, body-transforming circuit workout does it all: tones, burns calories, builds strength and gets your heart pumping. You can do the entire video in one blast or mix and match the segments to fit your busy schedule.

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Don’t be fooled by Yamaguchi’s laid back demeanor. Mellow as she is, she’s a powerhouse who, along with O’Brien, will push you hard. All the moves are athletic and straightforward so you should be able to follow along without stumbling over your feet.

In addition to the warm up and cool down, there are three cardio-strength circuits, an all-out cardio burst and a core training segment. All the routines are aimed at the novice and enthusiast level. The entire workout will take you 53 minutes. You’ll need a mat and dumbbells.


Biceps Circuit. This circuit starts with an athletic cardio push and then blasts into strength and toning with an emphasis on the front of the arms. A great everything workout when you’re tight on time. 10 minutes.

Triceps Circuit. Start with a Gold medal worthy cardio burst and move onto a strength routine that sculpts away those back of the arm jiggles. 10 minutes.

Shoulders Circuit. A high intensity cardio burst followed by a very challenging shoulder series. 10 minutes.

Cardio Blast. All the high intensity cardio work from the other circuits in this workout packed into one short heart pounding blitz. 4 minutes.

Floor Work. Get down on your mat and get deep into the core muscles with moves that also lift and firm the chest muscles. 9 minutes.