Keeping Fit Cardio

Your heart is the most important muscle in your body and you need to keep it fit and healthy as you age. That’s where AcaciaTV’s Keeping Fit Cardio comes in.

You’ll burn calories and fat, increase lung capacity, control your weight, and add energy to your day with this workout. You’ll grapevine, jab, squat, and kick your way to a strong and healthy body. Fitness expert and NBC’s Today show regular Andrea Metcalf leads you through a program broken up into 10, 5-minute segments (including warm up and cool down) with a brief march in between to help you stay fit and youthful for life.

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You can start with just a few parts and work your way up to finishing the entire 50 minute routine. So Beginner and novice exercisers grab your water bottle and let’s go! No equipment necessary.


Two Step Chug. Fun two step move to get your heart pumping and send the calories flying. Just have fun with it! 5 minutes.

Sumo Squat Attack. Fast paced punches and squats for an upper and lower body blast plus superior calorie burn and cardio conditioning. 5 minutes.

Boxing Basics. Boxing blitz for cut, beautiful arms, tight core and sculpted legs. 5 minutes.

Dig It Skate. It’s a free skate dance party at home! You’ll do heel digs, slides and squats to get into your cardio calorie burning zone. 5 minutes.

Pony Old School. In this heart pumping segment you’ll do disco dance moves to raise your heart rate and send the calories flying. 5 minutes.

Boxing Ring Power. An intense round packed with jabs, squats and kicks to elevate heart rate and burn, burn, burn those calories. 5 minutes.

Hollywood Dance. Test your coordination as you pump up the cardio with this combination of dance moves and athletic drills. 5 minutes.

Beat Box Stomp. Punched combined with disco moves — what could be more fun? And what could burn fat and calories faster? 5 minutes.