Joy Bauer’s Slimdown Workout

NBC Today Show’s nutrition expert, Joy Bauer, instructs this happy, bouncy Slimdown Workout with celebrity trainer Lisa Wheeler. By combining cardio and strength training together they have you target the entire body, build stamina and, of course, turbo charge calorie burn to the max.

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Bauer, a former gymnast, has mad workout skills. She also has a lot of fun here so you will too. One great feature built in to the two, 20-minute  routines is an element of balance. Besides cardio, strength and flexibility, balance is a lose-it-or-use-it ability everyone should fight to keep.

Beginner and novice exercisers  — as well as Bauer’s legion of fans — will love this workout. You’ll need a mat and a set of dumbbells.


Cardio Sculpt for Weight Loss. Bauer and Wheeler banter through this full-body beginner’s workout to help you burn fat, target those trouble zones and challenge balance. 22 minutes.

Sculpt Weight Loss Intervals. Bauer and Wheeler zip you through an interval circuit trading off between peppy cardio bursts and strong sculpt exercises. They infuse an element of balance into almost every move. 20 minutes.

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