Hemalyayaa Beginner’s Yoga

For her latest program, popular belly dance and yoga teacher Hemalayaa Behl, leads you through two, 20-minute workouts that will leave you feeling happy and renewed, strong and flexible, calm and grounded.

If you’re new to yoga this is a good place to start. Behl takes a lot of the standard sun salutation positions typically done in a standing position and turns them into kneeling and seated poses so they are easier on your knees and back. She also starts you out very gently — often with knees bent — so you can work towards increased strength and flexibility.

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You will need a yoga mat for this practice. It’s also a good idea to have several yoga blankets or bath towels handy.


Relaxation. A nice practice if you are flexibility-challenged or intimidated by yoga’s bendier positions. 23 minutes.

Strength & Relaxation. By modifying a simple sun salutation, this becomes a doable routine for those new to yoga or who need work on their flexibility. This is a little more challenging than the first routine but should still be doable for most yoga newbies. 20 minutes.