Hemalayaa Bollywood Fitness

Burn fat, lift those buns, and reshape your upper body Bollywood style. Known for her playful spirit, fitness star and yogini Hemalayaa leads sexy, sassy, fun workouts that get results and make you smile.

This is not your usual squat and lunge routine. There’s a lot of hip shaking and shoulder shimmies that get the job of burning calories and toning the muscles done — like really done!

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Beginners and novices, if you’ve never done Bollywood or any of the other AcaciaTV dance workouts, this is a good place to start. Leave 47 minutes for the whole program including a brief cool down or try it one segment at a time. The only equipment needed? Your hips.


Arm Sculpt. Learn all of the expressive arm movements of Bollywood Dance. 4 minutes.

Butt Monster. A short but killer plie and butt kick (AKA Butt monster) routine to work those thighs and glutes. 5 minutes.

Lunge and Shake. Guaranteed you’ve never done lunges like this. It’s a workout with attitude and arms for rounding out your booty. 7 minutes.

The Swan. Swivel your hips in a figure 8 known as the Swan to lift your booty and whittle the waist. Once you add the Bollywood arm movements you’ll know you’re working it. 12 minutes.

The Shimmy. Put all the moves you learned in previous segments together, add a shoulder shimmy and you’ll really feel the hips working it. And bonus: your core gets a heck-of-a workout too. 11 minutes.