Hemalayaa Beautiful Belly Cardio Core

This dance-inspired abs workout melts off your muffin top in a totally unique way. Fitness star and yogini Hemalayaa draws on belly dance inspired moves in three 12-minute routines that work those all-important core muscles. Do them one at a time or in one belly dance marathon.

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With these routines you’ll happily abandon boring crunches. The upbeat music and variety of moves keep you interested and make the time fly. You’ll shimmy, stretch, and bounce your way to the belly you’ve always wanted: shapely, strong, and sexy.


Core Dance. This routine emphasizes the sculpt in belly sculpting. With interesting side bends, knee raises and wiggles, you’ve never worked your abs like you do in this workout. 12 minutes.

Seated Core Dance. A workout consisting of moves done mainly in the seated or kneeling position with a couple of dance interludes in between. Have a cushion or pillow handy. 12 minutes.

Horse Stance Core. Dancing with a focus on toning and trimming the belly is what this workout is all about. You switch between horse stance, dancing and the floor. The result is a tighter, firmer, stronger core. 12 minutes.