Exhale: Core Fusion Cardio Pure Intensity

Pure Intensity is the first ever cardio workout in Exhale’s hit line of Core Fusion fitness programs. It’s quickly become one of AcaciaTV‘s most popular videos.

Six, 10-minute segments target multiple trouble spots at once, providing a heart-pumping workout for the whole body. Get sweaty and svelte as you lose weight while sculpting defined abs, toned legs, cut arms, and high, rounded glutes.

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Exhale co-founders, Fred DeVito and Elizabeth Halfpapp are the consummate pro instructors. They do such an excellent job leading the workouts you’ll feel like you’re getting your own private personal training session. I love how they take barre inspired moves that sculpt the muscles and turn them into a series of revved up cardio sessions that also whip the heart and lungs into shape.

The workouts are leveled for enthusiasts and fanatics. The entire video is 60 minutes but can easily be done in segments. You’ll need a mat and some dumbbells.


Energy Moves. A heart pumping, muscle stretching warm up. 10 minutes.

Cardio Flow. This intense routine is a sculpt and strength training workout disguised as cardio. Work every muscle in your body as  you elevate heart rate and fat burning. 10 minutes.

Power Flow. DeVito and Halfpapp dial up the intensity with this cardio sculpt combo routine. Every move is done with Exhale’s signature precision. 10 minutes.

Power Sweat. Nonstop cardio with an emphasis on sculpting glutes and thighs. You’ll feel the power — and the sweat. 10 minutes.

Cardio Curl. Core work with cardio energy. You will feel it in the middle right where it counts! 10 minutes.

Stretch. Stretch deeply to cool down, lengthen the muscles and relax. 10 minutes.