Exhale Core Fusion: Boot Camp

Exhale Core Fusion creators Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp have created a heart pumping workout that not only addresses your strength and flexibility needs, but your cardio needs as well.

All the workouts in this collection sizzle away unwanted pounds and transform the body through deep sculpting that’s non-stop and fast paced. It is a tough workout even for advanced exercisers but if you’ve got some workout experience you can push yourself without crossing a line by following the basic variations of each move.

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Uniquely, you’ll use a rubber playground ball for some of the exercises. If you don’t have one handy you can substitute a medicine ball or hand weight in many cases. Do all 7 programs (64 minutes) at once or separately (6-10 minutes each.) You’ll also need a mat and hand weights.


Cardio Flex: This routine combines continual movements with deep stretches and challenging strength work. 10 minutes.

Cardio Sun Salutation: You’ll zip right through this sun salutation to get your heart rate up and the muscles working to the max. 10 minutes.

Plyo Jumps Part I: Add a playground ball to mountain climbers, push ups and planks pushes you hard. 10 minutes.

Plyo Jumps Part II: Using a playground ball you’ll jump, twist and plank away the calories while toning muscle. 10 minutes.

Core Strength: This very intense core training routine uses light weights and very small movements for big results. 10 minutes.

Low Back: Using a rubber playground ball to stretch and strengthen the low back. 7 minutes.

Abs & Thighs: This routine uses a rubber playground ball to tighten the core and inner thighs. 6 minutes.