Dr. Lisa’s Fitness Blast

Dr. Lisa Masterson, former cast member of the Doctors, instructs these three efficient fitness routines, full of moves pulled from yoga, dance, strength and more. It’s a fun blend of styles that’s totally doable to get you stronger, longer and energized.

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If you are fairly new to exercise this is a good place to start. You’ll find the workouts challenging but not ridiculous. Because the doc and her trainer, Elise Joan, constantly alternate between different genres of fitness you won’t get bored either. All you need is a mat and a chair — no weights required.

All 3 segments have built in warm ups and cool downs:

Full Blast Intervals. Alternating cardio, strength and yoga intervals for full body toning and trimming.  Joan leads the workout while Dr. Lisa explains all the benefits of exercise. You’ll burn about 110 calories with this reasonably paced workout. 20 minutes.

Dancer’s Workout. A little barre, a little ballet and a little yoga, Dr. Lisa and Joan help you cultivate a long, strong dancer’s body with this briskly paced workout. It’s a full body workout that’s fun and effective. 22 minutes.

Stretch. Dr. Lisa and Joan take you through this meditation in motion with moves inspired by yoga, Pilates and athletic stretches. At the end you will feel relaxed yet invigorated. 21 minutes.