Dance and Be Fit: Lower Body Burn

Dance away trouble zones and have fun while you do it.

This joyful dance program, designed and led by Kimberly Mullen, will give you strong, lean dancer legs. So lose yourself in the rhythm as you lift and shape your backside, tone your hips and thighs, and strengthen your physique. From hip sways to high kicks, the simple routines will make you feel amazing in your own body.

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The two 20-minute workouts can be done separately or together — whatever works for you. Although challenging for a novice and enthusiast level exerciser, the routines are geared for non-dancers so you won’t struggle to keep up with the choreography. Besides toning and burning, learning the steps enhances balance, coordination and ease of movement.

Total run time is about 50 minutes including the warm up and cool down; the warm up is interesting because it’s done all from a sitting position and serves as its own mini-workout. You’ll need a mat.


Heavenly Hips. If you’ve never danced a step, not to worry. By the end of this workout you’ll be floating across the floor and posing your body like a professional dancer. You’ll also get the heart rate up and work deep into the thighs, hips and glutes.

Lovely Legs.¬†High kicks and quick choreography will peel away the pounds in no time. Although this is a lower body toning workout you’ll feel it everywhere. That svelt, sculpted dancer’s body will be yours in no time.