Dance and Be Fit: Hip Hop

Slim down and tone up with AcaciaTV‘s Dance and Be Fit: Hip Hop Cardio video workout. Join instructor Sarita Lou as she takes you through this crazy cool hip hop fitness program to burn fat and calories while sculpting your whole body. You’ll also learn some new steps you can bust out at the next party.

I love this workout! Non-dancers I promise that you can follow along without too much trouble. Lou starts by showing each move slowly so you can really see what to do. Then she adds on to the routine move by move. By the end you’re circling your waist and popping your hips, if not like a pro, at least in time to the beat.

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The workout contains two segments plus a warm up and cool down for a total run time of 50 minutes; or you can alternate the segments each time you exercise. It’s aimed at the beginner and novice fitness level. No equipment required.


Old School Dance Party. Rock steady and work it out with the basics of hip hopping — which are much easier to follow than you might think thanks to awesome direction from Lou. Even if you don’t have a single funk molecule in your entire body, you’ll still be able to raise the roof — and your heart rate. 20 minutes.

Sexy Sculpt. Dance it out with this sassy, sexy sculpt workout. You don’t need prior hip hop experience to pop through this routine. The moves are curvy and swervy, all in the name of pumping up heart rate and fat burn. Lou supplies the steps, you add the attitude to make it your own. 20 minutes.