Booty Boot Camp With Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore, former Miss USA and one of the stars of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, shares her secrets for fit and fine glutes in these three fat-blasting, booty-shaping workouts. Get ready to sweat through targeted tush transforming moves that will lift and firm your backside in well…no time flat.

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Moore wisely lets instructor Nikki Veal lead most of the time, only stepping in to demo signature moves like the equestrian inspired stallion kicks. This works especially well in the warm up section as Veal shows you how to do all of the basic steps in detail without slowing the workout down.

Each workout is progressively harder although they are all the perfect level for anyone new to exercise or just coming back after a layoff. With warm up the entire workout lasts 90 minutes — but you’ll probably want to break it up. All you need is a mat.

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Floor Work. The moves in this unique workout are small but super effective as you squeeze and contract even the deepest muscles of the booty for a high round butt. 20 minutes.

Glutey Lift. A slow, methodical workout that will lift, sculpt and round out the glutes. Instructor Nikki Veal leads most of the workout but Moore takes over for her signature Stallion Kicks. 20 minutes.

Advanced Glute Lift. This workout is a little more hardcore than the previous two levels but still uses the same deliberate exercise style. Veal leads most of the class but Moore takes you to the finish with the advanced version of the Stallion Kicks. 20 minutes.

Bonus Abs. After attacking the glutes, it’s time to whittle that waist with this traditional crunch workout. The last few moments of the routine focus on stretching. 13 minutes.