Banish Back Pain With This Simple Stretch Routine

If you own a spine, there’s a good chance you’ve had low back pain at some point in your life. Nearly 80 percent of us have experienced the annoying agony associated with the lower vertebrae.

One of the most common reasons for low back pain is weak, tight muscles. After spending too much time supporting you in the sitting position they either seize up or give out when they do finally get a chance to move. The result can be hours, days or even weeks of debilitating discomfort.

Building the Perfect Workout

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Planks for a Strong, Sculpted Core

Regular stretch breaks can help avoid a back episode. And they can offer some relief if you’re in the middle of one. Gently lengthening out the muscles helps put you back in proper alignment and smooth out offending knots and kinks.

Of course, if you’ve really tweaked your back, a visit to your doctor is in order. But if you’re tight and achy from  spending too much time hunched over a computer or reaching for something the wrong way, this short stretch break may do the trick.

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Side Drop ACACIATV-LIZ-MAY5-0089

[A] Lie on your back with both knees bent and together, feet flat on the floor. Place your arms where comfortable. [B] Gently pull your belly button in towards your spine and drop your knees to the right as far as you feel comfortable. Don’t force it — if you’re in a lot of pain that might only be an inch or so.  [C] With your core still engaged, gently pull knees back up to center and shift to the other side. Continue for up to a minute.

ACACIATV-LIZ-MAY5-0034Child’s Pose

[A] Kneel on your hands and knees. [B] Slowly and carefully sit back onto your heels or as far back as your back pain and flexibility allow. Hold for a minute as you focusing on breathing deeply and relaxing into the position.

Back ExtensionACACIATV-LIZ-MAY5-0029

[A] Lie on your stomach with your arms behind you, hands clasped. Keep your belly button pulled up and in towards your spine. [B] Slowly and carefully lift your chest up off the floor as you stretch your arms back. Only go as high as you remain pain-free. That might only be an inch off the floor. Hold for a few counts. Relax back down. Repeat up to five times.


[A] Kneel on your knees and then drop to the left so your weight is on your left hip. Place your left hand on the floor and stretch your right arm overhead. [B] Stretch your right arm up and over the top of your head and to the side. Hold for a few counts and then repeat twice more. [C] Repeat to the other side.