4 Lunge Moves For Gorgeous Glutes

Some booty exercises are considered classics for a reason – they get the job done.

Take the lunge. There’s no better way to sculpt a high round tush and strong chiseled thighs. And when you multitask it by matching it up with another move, it becomes the hero of your workout.

So whether your goal is to rock a pair of skinny jeans or cultivate more lower body power, try 1-3 sets of each of the following Lunge variations, 8-15 reps per set. Do at least 3 times per week and firm up your butt in no time.

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These moves are modeled by Deazie Gibson, star of AcaciaTV’s Strength Challenge. Sign up for a free 10 Day trial membership for additional muscle building, fat melting moves from Deazie and more than two dozen other trainers.

Basic Lunge

 [A] Holding a weight in each hand, stand taACACIATV-DEEZY-MAY4-0173ll with your feet placed as wide as your hips, your weight back a little on your heels. [B] Leading with your right heel, step your right foot forward about a stride’s length, as if you’re trying to step over a crack on the sidewalk. As your foot touches the floor, bend both knees until your right thigh is parallel to the floor and your left thigh is perpendicular to it. Press off the ball of your right foot, and step back to the standing. [C] Repeat with left leg leading and continue alternating legs to complete the set.


[A] Set up for the Basic Lunge. [B] Step forward into a Basic Lunge. Once your legs are straddled and knees bent, lean slightly forward from the hips and bend your left arm to pull the weight up to chest level. Straighten your arms as you return to standing. [C] Repeat with left leg and right arm. Continue alternating to complete the set.

Balance Lunge with Later Raise

[A] Holding a weight in each hand, staACACIATV-DEEZY-MAY4-0968nd with your feet straddled about a stride’s length apart, right foot in front. Shift your weight forward onto your right foot and lift your left leg off the floor to hip height (or lower if you don’t feel like you can maintain your balance.) Your arms should hang straight down. [B] Holding the balance, lift your arms up and out to the side, keeping a small bend in your elbows. Once arms reach shoulder level, slowly lower. [C] Continue until you complete all Lateral Raises then switch legs and repeat.


[A] Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart, hands clasped together in front of you. [B] Step your right foot about a stride’s length out to the right. Keeping your left leg straight, bend your right knee until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Take care to keep your knee tracking directly over your toes. [C] Stand back  up, using your arms to help direct and power the movement. Do all reps to the right and then repeat to the left.