3-in-1 Total Body Fitness

If you’re serious about fitness, you have to balance the Big 3: cardio, strength, and flexibility training.

This Acacia TV program, starring Desi Bartlett, has all you need for total fitness. Each 20-minute workout targets one of the Big 3. Do them in sequence or mix-and-match to suit your schedule. You will burn calories and fat, build endurance and healthy bones, keep joints moving freely, and feel relaxed and refreshed.

All of the routines are best suited to the fitness enthusiast level of fitness. Total run time is about one hour. You’ll need mats and dumbbells.

Cardio. It’s a good old fashioned aerobics class with marches, high knees, repeaters and more of the oldies but goodies you’ve always loved. Train your heart and lungs as you burn fat and calories like crazy. There’s a built in warm up and cool down. 20 minutes.

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Sculpt. Stength training done aerobics style. You move from one exercise to the next so the calorie burning stays high as you’re sculpting and toning. You do everything in a standing position — no mat required! 19 minutes.

Stretch. Enjoy this athletic stretch to ease away the knots starting with your lower body and working all the way up to the neck. 19 minutes.