Friends & BENefits – Valentine’s Day Dance

We have an extra special video today for you that’s part of a fun segment called Friends & BENefits! In this series, Ben will bring in someone. Today’s video features yoga instructor Marja Lankinen as they teach you a Valentine’s Day dance that you can do on your own or with a partner!

This fast-paced routine has you jumping, swinging your arms, doing body rolls, and all kinds of fun moves that provide a full-body workout for you to incorporate into your routine this weekend.

Dancing can be a fun way to celebrate with your sweetheart this Valentine’s weekend. If you and your honey add this to your fitness routine, share it with us on Facebook or Instagram! Tag us and use the hashtag #groovewithbenvalentine. You’ll be entered to win a special gift pack from Acacia TV!

To see more of Marja’s work, check out her Yoga For Dancers site by clicking here!

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