7 Holiday Inspired Dance Moves

One reason that the holiday season is so busy is all of the places you need to be, i.e. the holiday parties! While we all look forward to these fun events, it can be a time where you have tough choices about what food to eat and what to drink. But you might also have the opportunity to move and groove and stay active at these parties.

These moves can be broken up into 7 segments for 7 days, or can be done all together as one segment!

If you want to win a FREE YEAR OF ACACIATV, share these dances with your friends, family, and coworkers at all your holiday parties this year (or at home of course!), and post a video on social media! Tag us and use #acaciaholidaydance so we can dance and celebrate with you! For more info on how to enter click here:

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