Weekly Challenge – Up Them Weights!!

Weekly Challenge

So I’ve been on a bit of a strength training kick lately, spreading the good word about all the awesome benefits people miss when they don’t include it in their routine regularly (read all about my real-life/no-BS reasons for swinging to the other side in the latest installment of my AcaciaTV Fit Blog HERE).

Last week I challenged this group to swap out two cardio sessions for two strength training sessions. This week I’m taking that another step further…

Your FIT/MO Challenge this week is to UP THEM WEIGHTS! How do you know which weight is the right weight for you?? Glad you asked 🙂

With strength training, you should be using a weight (or other form of resistance) that makes the last two reps of each set difficult to complete while still maintaining good form. If you are cruising through that set of bicep curls, with a smile on your face and your arms don’t feel remotely close to wearing out, your weight is too light.

If your weight is too light, you’re not challenging your body enough to adapt and therefore, your body will not change (because it doesn’t have to). Your body is an amazing machine- it can self-heal and adapt to new demands placed upon it. If you consistently challenge your body by gradually increasing your weights, it’ll do exactly what it was designed to do and begin to build the necessary muscles to accomplish the tasks you’re asking of it. If you stop making it have work harder, it’ll stop changing.

So it shouldn’t be easy to get all the required reps in but, above all else, I have to stress the good form part one more time. If you can’t maintain good form through the whole move (start to finish) then you are working with too much resistance- back it off and focus on form before upping your weight. If you abandon good form now and keep upping your weights over time, you are on the road to Injury-ville.

Time to get strong!!

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