Weekly Challenge- 450 Mountain Climbers

Weekly Challenge


Hey hey!! It’s a brand-spankin’ new week and you know what that means…yep, time for a brand-spankin’ new FIT/MO Challenge!! This one is very simple (notice I said “simple” NOT “easy”). We’re gonna do a few Mountain Climbers this week. Well, more than a few…we’re gonna do 450 Mountain Climbers this week 🙂

WHAT?!?!?! Coach Alison has lost her mind! No, I assure you I have not lost my mind and to prove it, here are the rules:

  1. You have just over 5 days (today – Saturday) to make it happen.
  2. One rep = one knee forward (ex. left knee toward left elbow = 1, right knee toward right elbow = 2).
  3. They only count if you maintain good form! There are photos of yours truly above showing what that looks like- also it’s a good time to revisit my post on proper plank alignment- head, shoulders, knees and hips in a straight line. Use your abs to bring your knees forward and go as fast you you are comfortable moving.
  4. If you need a regression, you are more than welcome to use a chair for these (see the photo of me in the bottom right corner).
  5. After you do a set to count toward your total, drink a glass of water. Why? Because it’s good for you! Do you really need a reason to get hydrated?
  6. Post your daily grand total.

On your mark, get set GO!!!

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