Want a Great Workout? Take it Outside

Life’s too short to be bored with your workouts – spice up your daily run around the neighborhood by adding a body weight circuit. No equipment = No excuses!

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Here’s the deal. Warm up with 10 minutes of easy running, jogging or walking. Then, do each strength move listed below for 30 seconds followed by 60 seconds of moderately paced running or walking. Repeat the entire circuit twice and end with 10 minutes of easy running or walking to cool down. Move through the circuit as quickly as you can while still maintaining good form.

The whole circuit including warm up and cool down will come to a grand total of 36 minutes. Not too shabby for both your daily cardio and an awesome circuit workout.

How’s that for multi-tasking?

I gotta be honest with you: I had an absolute blast doing this workout! I even discovered a hidden gem playground in my neighborhood that I no idea existed.

Watch my entire morning neighborhood adventure HERE and then go create your own. (I break each move down video by video below.) The possibilities are endless.

The fitness routines on the newly redesigned AcaciaTV are chock full of ideas for how to put the fun back into exercise. Most moves you learn from your streaming workouts you can easily taken “on-the-run”.

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30 seconds per strength move, 60 seconds per running interval.

Walking Prisoner-Arm Lunges

Curb Plank Ups

Sumo Squat Pulses

Bike Crunches

Curb Toe Taps

Reverse Plank Lifts