This Ball Takes You From Great Workout to Grand Slam

That moment when the only exercise ball on the rack is one of those strange ones that doesn’t bounce and feels like it’s filled with Jell-O. Could it be some random escapee from the Island of Misfit Toys? Who knew it was possible to have a lazy exercise ball?

Well, there goes your workout, right? I mean, what good is a ball that doesn’t bounce and just flops around in an unpredictable pattern?

Not so fast there partner! That odd ball (pun intended) is good for a lot. In fact, it can do some really cool stuff that nothing else in your arsenal of fitness equipment can do.

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Say hello to the slam ball. These floppy, non-bouncing medicine balls are actually filled with sand to provide some added weight. When a slam ball hits something, the shifting sand causes it to change directions and stop dead in its tracks. THUD!

A ball that’s specifically designed to not bounce is perfect for tossing or throwing moves where you don’t want to lose your front teeth on a bee-line rebound to the face (trust me, it happens and it ain’t pretty when it does), making the slam ball perfect for things like blasting the ball to the ground for an explosive upper body move or tossing it into the wall to build some impressive core power.

Still confused? Here watch me, I’ll demonstrate:

Use a 3-1 count for all power moves – pick the ball up, get set for a count of 3 and then fire that ball in 1 explosive count.  The idea is to move that ball as QUICKLY as you can while putting everything you got into it.

This is actually pretty darn tough so it’s critical that you keep the rep count down to around 6  then recover for a full 30-45 seconds before going again. If you don’t, you’ll start to notice that you can’t launch the ball as quickly with each rep.

Also, be sure to keep your abs contracted and pelvis neutral throughout an entire move – imagine you’re about to be punched in the gut at any moment then hold that contraction for the full 6 reps. Yeah, I know, serious ab-ripping work happening in your midsection now, huh? You’ll thank me later.

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The best part:  You’re not limited to the 3 power moves in my video above. You can use it in place of weights or a regular medicine ball anytime a bouncy ball isn’t necessary or just hold onto it as you squat to up the resistance.

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